Monday, 26 October 2009

EBOS English Open - Boston

Off to Boston with my Friend Steve Cannon to play, set off arrived after 2 hours at the Hotel.
Quite nice the guest house found John Hartley and Liam having Breakfast along with Eddie Fielding and his wife.

Managed to get our room straight away and off to the club in a taxi. There was a method to this as it meant I could have a drink. Arrived at Chris Taylors club which was really nice they had made a really great effort to get things ready on time. The tables looked nice and as usual Clive had got everything under control. All the usual crowd were there along with a couple of Austrians Patrick and CW.

I had a ridiculous draw and played Roy Bacon first as expected I lost Roy played really well knocking in a couple of 50+breaks. He shocked me a little as he scored mainly by potting but i expected him to play lots of canons. As usual he was a true gentleman and it was a pleasure to watch him play. I wish I could play half the shots he does his touch on small canons is truly artistic.

Chris Taylor next and the less said about that one the better. I hardly had a shot Chris just stayed at the table for most of the hour, he didn't get many big breaks but just got 30-40 every time.

Geoff Brassington well as expected great player got lots of breaks but did leave me a few chances when he missed at the top of the table.

Jamie Barker played really well he missed out on a 50 twice getting 47 and 43. I really have a lot to learn.

I did however manage to see Clive Everton and get him to sign a Snooker Book he wrote several years ago. That was kind of him and I could not believe how tall he was you only see him sat down on TV.

I enjoyed the tournament the standard was really high I saw loads of big breaks a few complained about some of the tables but i thought they were OK but what do I know. My highest Break was a paltry 27, I did get quite a few 20's but nothing to shout home about. I was rather disappointed but I did not get much table time. I did manage to score 125 in most of my games which was my target except for the game with Chris.

I had the plate to look forward to I may have played better if I hadn't had so much to drink Steve kept buying me pints all day still no wife or car to worry about helped them go down.

Chris had booked a Chinese meal in the town so we rushed to the hotel to get showered and straight back to the club. £ 22 all in for food and drink. Great value I thought managed another 6 pints in the evening along with a great meal. He had also arrange for a very nice Latvian Singer to entertain us. (don't remember much else after this)

I drew Patrick the Austrian in the plate again whats the chances of that. He managed to get about 50 in front before I started to play a little. Then just like in Austria I had a series of flukes which were simply staggering. I scored 16 points in a row each shot being a fluke. I managed to win by a handful of points. I felt really sorry for him as I had ALL the luck. Fluke after Fluke, I must have had 20 - 30 in total.

Played Roy Bacon in the next round, he beat me but I did play reasonable getting 3 x 20 breaks.
I enjoyed the weekend. Steve enjoyed watching but was upset United Lost.

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