Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Huddersfield League - match 1 Berry Brow

Off to Berry Brow Liberal Club, Huddersfield for my first Winter League Billiards game in the Huddersfield League. 25miles drive over the top of the Woodhead Pass in the most awful rain and storm. As I got the top I was talking to Martin Goodwill about his book when I lost signal and as I dropped down to the valley past the Holmfirth TV Transmitter it began to Snow.

It's a times like this I think to my self what the hell am I doing travelling all this distance for a stupid game of Billiards. I arrived and the only chap I knew was a Police man called Derek hey and he wasn't going, he had rung me to let me know he was not coming. So a 60 mile round trip in a storm over the highest hills in the peak District to a club I have never played at, to meet team mates I had never met to play Billiards. You know I always thought the other billiard players were mad I must be deranged as well.

On arrival I met the other players who were quite nice and were expecting me. They said I could play first as I had had such a long trip. But I was there for the night. We won the first match 200 up off handicaps. I went on second and was on 85 my opponent Sid Cogger was on 115. Giving 30 I won 200-170. I had won by 60 in effect. I played steady no breaks but the standard was quite good from all the players lots of 15-20 breaks and they all knew the half ball shots and I saw a few jennnys, In fact I played and got a short and long Jenny in my game.

We lost the last game so we won 2-1 on the night not a bad start to the season. I texted Derek who was pleased to get off to a winning start. Horrible trip on the way home freezing and very foggy. Took me 40 minutes.

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