Friday, 9 October 2009

Macclesfield League / Stalybridge Thursday 8th Oct

Played at Disley in my second match for the Macclesfield League. They have hammered my handicap I am now off scratch and was giving 120 to an old chap I lost the paper with his name on. Rather a scrappy start to the game but I got a couple of 20 breaks then he knocked in 21 and 17. Before I knew it I was on 90 and he was on 189. I played carefully but he could actually play quite well, he knew the half ball quite well.

I carried on and got to 182 before he potted my ball twice to reach 200. I was a little disappointed to lose as I had pulled back quite well. I suppose that's what the handicap is for but it certainly makes it harder you can't play open billiards.

I then went off to Stalybridge to play in the other league ( I am losing the plot I can't really manage two leagues on the same night but I am giving it a go for 12 months I just hope they keep letting me play first in the Mac league. )

Again played a chap who's name I have lost. I won a fairly easy game, no breaks to speak off. The only points he scored were all flukes smashing the ball around. I was giving 35 start and final score was 100-75 to me.

It really is a bit much playing three times in a week, Tuesday in Huddersfield, Thursday x 2 and then a couple of hours practice in the club.

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