Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Match 3 - Huddersfield League New Mill V Lindley B

Off to Huddersfield again this time Lindley Liberal Club. This is about the furthest club from home 37 miles across the M62 and down off Junction 24. Only took about 35 minutes as it's all motorway.

Very nice Victorian Club Building. the table was super, lightning quick with new cushions and balls. They certainly maintain the tables in this league every club table has been fantastic so far.

We won the match 3-0. I played second a chap called Donald Green. He was on 115 and I was on 85. No much of a start I rattled in a quick 14 and a 20 to pull level, after that it was rather boring I played ok just keeping in front by about 20. I found the table difficult due to it being so quick a loser in the middle hit gently ended up in baulk, it never seemed to stop rolling.

I finished with 14 and won 200-170. No great play but steady he could play a little billiards but was hopeless at potting.

The last game was interesting Peter Atkinson played a young snooker player who could really pot. He ended up needing 45 to win by 3 and he ran in the 45 unfinished to get the highest break of the night and a win for us he had hardly done anything up to this point.

Played 3 won 3 is not a bad start althought they have been close games.

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