Monday, 5 October 2009

Austrian Open Part 2

Still no internet at home so I am having to use the library (thanks BT we appreciate your good customer service NOT!).

The final was always going to be a one sided affair. Phil Davis is the quiet under rated player of English Billiards. He sort of just fades into the background however after watching him and looking at his record I knew this was a difficult draw for me.

Phil is quite a slow deliberate player but this had the advantage that I actually got to watch each shot he played how he addressed the cue ball and the methods he used for each shot. On almost every visit he scored 15-20 points and was very unlucky not to get into a really decent break. He also play extremely safe when he had no shot he tucked me up on the cushion.

He scored 110 points in 4 visits to the table. I had scored 12. Still I tried my best and only towards the end did I score anything at all. In fact I was on 40 with Phil on 195, when I had a string of flukes that you just would not believe every ball I hit for about 15 shots went around the table and got a cannon or inoff. This went on like a strange disease for some times the funny thing was even the very attractive lady referee was laughing by this stage I have simply never seen such luck by any player anywhere. Poor Phil he really suffered for about 10 minutes before he managed to wrap up a well deserved victory.

The ref and marker both agreed they had never seen anyone have luck like this before for such a sustained period. However that's billiards for you. I had already tried putting Phil off by chatting to him through out the match but no luck. I think if I look back on it his average for the game would be around the 15 mark which was pretty good. He played at a totally different level than many players had achieved on the difficult tables.

However I did manage to pick up 3 new shots from him during the game. He played a run through loser against the nap to get a long distance cannon. I have tried this and it really works well. His best shots were his cannons off the cushion. I had never seen these played before he never missed one. I have spent some time trying these and have now managed to get a few, this is quite a handy shot.

His best shot was playing from the D hitting the edge of the middle jaw cannon off the red down the rail and cannon on the white near the bottom jaw. This was a deliberate and delicate shot wow simply brilliant. I have never even thought of using a jaw to get an angle on another ball.

I had enjoyed my lucky run to the final and at the presentation I did receive a loud cheer and clapping from the Austrians I think they appreciate my efforts and luck they know my playing level is similar to them.

I had a great time and have learnt a lot from the weekend. Firstly all the billiard players from the UK are completely mad, they all have some sort of strange billiards disease I am very worried I have caught the same thing. Roy Bacon is completely off his rocker he is also very able to play this game. I watched one of his matches and he played two of the most wonderful shots I have ever seen. A fantastic Massee shot which swung around and got a nice close cannon and another shot which got a fantastic cheer and clap from the Austrians which again I have never seen before the Pique shot. Wow this was the best shot I have ever witnessed in a game. The Austrians may not be the best Biliards players yet but they certainly appreciate the game and how hard these shots are. They are a bit like me sponges learning each and every time they see or play the game.

Bem French was doing his usual with the most wonderful long losers on very difficult tables. How does he do it, everyone was struggling with the long loser due to the tables. Not Bem he still knocked em in although I think he was restricted on his break building a little.

I watch Michael White play he is also a great player, he plays the all round game which I like.

I managed to watch some of Chris Taylor play especially against Martin in the Final, he is clearly a fantastic player just out classed by Martin in the final. I wish I could play like these guys it just takes years and years and to have a natural talent.

There is lots more to say but I will save it for the next event. But once again thanks to all the Austrian they are a delightful bunch. Keep up with the game don't give up and keep up the practice.

I mentioned Phil Mumford had a large snooker case, I managed to find out what he had in it. He managed to smuggle a small practice table, the kitchen sink and his Dad complete with Iron and Ironing Table to do his shirts.

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