Saturday, 1 August 2009

Roger Morgan

I had a long chat with Roger Morgan yesterday. Roger along with Martin Goodwill designed the website.

He would like to have a game around the middle of September, which is much appreciated we had along chat about the stage I was at with my game and the direction it was taking. It is quite clear I had become quite down hearted with the game and very frustrated at my lack of progress.

However after chatting with Roger I feel a little better, I should not concentrate on Breaks at all. It should be my average that counts. In my last post although I did not get any breaks I still beat my opponent. He explained a few different methods of marking my progress and to avoid breaks as they are no indication to progress within the game. He thinks about the game in a rather more analytical way than I do.

For example he looks for billiard angles whilst driving or in a shop or a room. He makes a full note of the progress of each shot as he practices. I have kept records of my practice but only the length and details of breaks. He knows how well he has performed on a given shot.

He also suggested that I play safe, apart from the obvious double baulk in games I have not given safety any thought at all, that something to work on so that if my break ends rather than going for an very difficult shot why not play safe.

Quite a few new ideas and concepts to work on. He also suffers from a lack of people to play but seems to make his practice sessions mean a lot more to develop his game, I think I need to relax about this game and not let it get to me as much.

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