Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Mark Carrington a close friend of mine who I have mentioned before is an ex-pro Snooker Player rang and we arranged to have a game tonight. We played Snooker first he won 6-0. Having a 55, and a 40+ in every frame.

We then played 200 up at Billiards, he said he had been looking at Martins site and watched a few games on the internet. He started with a 37 and a few 8-10 breaks. I came back scoring only 10's and 12's. I managed to get ahead slowly when he knocked in a 48 mainly from losers and top of the table, he missed a simple red. I played safe he slammed in a long red and got 38 next visit.

I soldiered on and managed to peg him back I eventually scored a 20 and a 19 to win by 16 points. What annoyed me most about this is I look at all the practice I have put in over the past months and he beats my highest break without any difficulty.

Damn Game. I know I won by scoring lots of little breaks but sooner or later he will thrash me every time we play.

He has decided to enter a few of the ABC comps to see how he gets on, I shouldn't be sad at least its a game.

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