Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Denis Mellor - Practice

Went for a practice a the Palace Snooker Center, Woodley. I had mentioned to an old friend that I was going in he rang me and turned up to play Billiards.

Denis is 73 and a regular player in the senior tournaments of the Manchester League always getting to the Finals and is a good player. In his younger days was quite a force around the Manchester area getting many 100+ breaks. He still gets regular 50+ breaks and has a great Snooker safety game.

We played 250 up and had a really nice game I ran away scoring 100 quite quickly before he managed to get back to playing billiards. He stated it was 18 years since he had last played. That didn't stop him getting a run of small close canons going down the rail towards the black spot.
He just ran the balls along almost like nursery canons but further apart. He lost my ball and finished on 15 in a row.

He knew the half ball well and played some very good long half ball in offs. I ran away to 200 before he got to 90. But he managed 3 x 12 breaks mainly canons before I reached 250.
Final score 250-147

Not bad considering he hadn't played for so long. We have arrange to have a session next week. he seemed very happy to have managed to get a game of billiards after all this time.

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