Saturday, 15 August 2009

Playing Roger

I had arranged to meet up and play Roger Morgan on the 15th August as he was going to Sheffield and then on to Lincs to collect his mother who was on holiday.

I had of course mixed up my dates and had arranged to work, but I managed to get back from work at 12 noon from South Wales as Roger was coming up from South Wales at 1.30pm. I was rather tired as I started work at 2 in the morning but I was really looking forward to this.

We met at Frames Snooker Club, Hyde, Stockport. We had a general chat at the bar and then went to one of the match tables. The clubs a little tired but the tables are OK rather tight pockets on the match table.

For some reason Roger was quite interested in my efforts at billiards, he is working very hard at the book he and Martin are writing. I received quite a grilling. He asked lots of very interesting questions about me and Billiards, cueing and snooker. He clearly understands the technical aspects of the game in great detail. He doesn't play anyone he just practices on his own but that is sufficient to make someone a very good player.

He really gave me a boost as he knew exactly what I was trying to do and gave me some very useful advice on the game and how to improve my practice to give me targets to achieve to show over time how my game can improve. We went through numerous examples of shots using side and drag in particular. I found this very interesting and useful.

After an hour we had a game nice and relaxed although I felt nervous for some reason I didn't want him to think I was hopeless. We played for nearly 2 hours we managed to discuss positions we were in and look at various options for shot and break building. I was quite amazed by his Red ball play he played his long losers with lots of drag at quite a slow pace. He explained he had only just managed to master this aspect of the game using a spotted white training ball. I really enjoyed this, I managed to hold my own getting a few 20 breaks, Roger had the highest a 30 towards the end of the session.

He commented that I played well and was really trying to put the theory into practice on the table. He thought I was making very good progress in such a short time.

All to soon he had to shoot off. I think he managed to pick my brains a little but I certainly got a lot out the session in particular how drag and placing the ball is so important. Can wait to try out a few of the shots next week.

Thanks Roger and I will see you in Wales in a few weeks.

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