Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Top of the Table

After my chat with Roger Morgan I decided to keep more detailed records of my individual practice and to give each session a set aim. Due to moving house and some work I had to do I have not been able to practice much.

Managed to get to the club for a hour or so today. I set my stall out to practice getting to the top of the table and easy top once I'm there.

For the first half hour I place both balls near the middle bags for two losers. My aim was to get the white around the black spot and then player a loser on the red to either leave me a pot in the middle if i over hit it, or the drop canon if I'm short. Or even another loser in the middle if I'm in between. As soon a I got top I started again. The funny thing was I seemed to play very well and had no problems getting to the top maybe the break did me some good.

I then practiced some easy top for half an hour placing the yellow just above the red on the black spot and try to score as many as possible. Aiming to keep going until the yellow had been pushed up towards the pink spot. I ran in 5, 7, 20, 25, 22, 17, 18, 35, 38, 31, 24 in the half hour, I did miss a few pot reds off the spot and missed a few canons but I seemed quite happy with my scores.

My next half hour was to combine the two positions to get to the top and then score around the black spot. My first few attempts I ran out of position very quickly. But my scores were as follows.
5, 7, 7, 26, 3, 46, 12, 21, 8, 8, 5, 34.

I ran out of position a couple of times by missing simple canons or pots. Just a bit careless really. The 46 was a nice break I pushed the yellow into postman's knock position and played the middle loser a couple of times before the drop canon and pushed the red straight in the jaws and brought the yellow just to the side of the black spot. Ran in the 46 and played the 3-6-9 shot twice in the break.

The scoring patterns do keep repeating. I was very happy with my practice today. I felt it brought together groups of shots in scoring patterns. I also felt my canons were great today hardly missed any easy ones.

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