Friday, 21 August 2009

Competition 50 Break at Long Last

I broke off and managed to get the red safe leaving a straight white in the bottom pocket. He missed the white and went straight into the pocket. I requested the balls be spotted and got the long loser and brought the yellow straight over the middle bag. A quick drop canon and straight into easy top mode. I managed 20 or so at the top then lost position and went back to the D and played a few losers.

Before I knew it the ref was calling 42 but I had left a cover shot in the middle of the table. I did not fancy the loser in the bottom and I did not think I could get a cannon so I potted the yellow in the top and left myself an easy red in the middle. Got the red and left the middle cross loser. I hit It quite well but must have put some side on as the red came off the cushion at an angle instead of straight up the spots and left a short jenny in the middle. I had my 50 break in a match at long last.

I took the Jenny as a half ball shot not really getting enough side on and left it tight on the cushion opposite cushion. I went for the double but missed by a mile but 53, yes I will say it again 53 left a smile on my face all night.

I ran away with the game winning 200-76 and that included his 30 start. I know he was a poor player but I played pretty well getting a few 10-15 breaks as well to keep the score ticking along.
The game was over pretty quickly about 35minutes. I was delighted when our Captain told me that was the highest recorded break in the league for at least 15 years.

It seems that all the practice and hard work have paid off. I set myself three goals for the year.
Winning a Game - Done, 50 break in a match - Done, 100 in practice - well after looking at the game and speaking with everyone I am simply not bothering with breaks anymore. If I get one great if not well I don't mind. I am concentrating on playing the game and learning as much as I can.

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