Saturday, 22 August 2009

Spotted Practice Ball

Following advice from Roger Morgan and Martins Goodwills site I recently purchased a spotted practice ball. This allows you to see the side imparted on the ball on each shot.

I really should have got this right at the start it really makes you see and appreciate each shot you take and quite often if you miss it is due to the failure to put side on and run the cue through the shot.

I have spent sometime using the ball to play drag shot and losers around the table. This has really helped with the shots. I never realised you could play a long drag shot with side at quite a speed. You can really judge the side off the cushion. I have also started to play drag on small close shots with some impressive results.

My advice to anyone is go and get a spotted white Aramith ball as soon as possible.


  1. I agree that the spotted cue ball is a wonderfull training device. However, unless the weight matches the other 2 balls precisely, the losing hazards will be wildly off. The potting wont be affected.
    ashok visvanathan

  2. Yes When I purchased it the shop had three balls in stock. I got them to weight each one and selected the one closest to my billiards set. As it was an Aramith ball they were pretty close. It was 0.1gr less than the existing white.