Monday, 24 August 2009

Long Narrow Canons

I am feeling more confident with my game as each hours practice goes by. By selecting a shot or a sequence of shots before I enter the club and ensuring that only that shot is played.

This means I don't get side tracked into a game of snooker or chatting at the bar etc gives me a more effective session.

Today's practice was long canons I set up some long canons in particular narrow ones which require some check side. Using the spotted ball really shows your cueing and aiming point. Quite remarkable was how many I missed but because I had strong check the cue ball came back off the cushion to give the canon after all.

I also appreciate the value of placing the cue ball at the back of the D for some shots as it makes the perspective of the shot look better. The angle is still the same but you can spot it a little better. In fact I don't recall trying this type of canon more than a handful of times in the past yet it is quite important to recover a position and avoids a long loser in some cases.

Another hour done got a few competitions coming up so every little helps. Looking at the names for the comp in Bradford I am rather concerned. Looks to me that everyone who has entered the world championship is entered into this comp. Where are all the other EBOS lads and the guys who play in the ABC's? looks like they got cold feet. Obviously saw my name on the list and thought no point in entering that one! (In my dreams). Still can't wait to see Mike Russell Play again and that other young lad from India if he's entered Pankaj Advani. looks like an exciting new player.

Where are the other players scattered around like Shutt and Roxton and that Australian Danik Lucas. I think there are lots of other players around who could have given the world champs a shot.

How can it be that there are only a handful of entries when there are so many people who still play to a decent standard. I am very pleased Martin is entered he is capable of beating anyone but there again so can most of the top 10 ABC chaps, Billy, Steve Crosland and Paul Dunning to name but a few. it's not surprising Billiards is so fragmented as a sport with all this infighting between the groups.

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