Friday, 22 October 2010

Macclesfield League

Played in the Macclesfield League last night, I have finally realised why I am playing so badly in the league matches. Basically the players are mainly snooker players and a lot of them really poor players. The lad I played last night had absolutley no idea how to play and in-off.

He could pot a little, but I still lost after giving him 100 start first to 100. After a few shots I was just spending my time trying to get the balls into a reasonable position. Usually one ball was on the rail and as he had no idea of how to keep three balls in play it was always an unhill struggle.

I got two or three 20 breaks but that was all, he beat me by 16, it's simply staggering how many flukes he also got, I suppose you will if you smash the balls around the table.

Wayne Holbrook also suffered a bit of the same He played Norman Dyson who again spent most of his time potting. Wayne lost by a similar amount. Your heart is simply not in this game when you are not leaning anything from these players.

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