Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bury League

Played up at Prestwich Conservative Club, I arrived late due to really bad traffic and was relegated to playing doubles. Never mind at least it was a game and I played with Dave Samuels who's a decent player.

We had lost the two singles games, one by 45 and the other by 15. We were giving about 30 start and so the aggregate was going to be very difficult to make. We gave it a good try and managed to win quite comfortably but failed to get the aggregate they managed lots of flukes, in fact i have never seen so many in one night.

It was all over by 9.30pm and me and Dave stayed for a game of doubles. it was ok we won by about 40 points after an hours play. No breaks again, I managed a couple of 20's and a 36 in the doubles afterwards.

Hopefully I can play better as the season goes on as it's a struggle with the tables, handicaps and in particular the players who I have drawn who all don;t really know how to play proper billiards, again when I get a chance at the top I am scoring 20-30 points so I know I am playing well.

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