Monday, 11 October 2010

ABC Leeds

For those of you following my billiards you will recall that I had not actually won a single game in the main event of an ABC in the 5 or so I entered last year.

Whether this was due to me being rubbish or simply getting bad draws I don't know. I did win a couple of games in the plate events. I have decided to enter as many ABC's this year as I can simply because it's the only day off I can be certain of this year as I am working extra hours due to my wife being made redundant.

Off to Leeds with Wayne Holbrook who drove up to my house from stoke. The usual crew were there I think they had 54 entry's which was quite a healthy field.

I drew a chap called Steve Best from the North East, I knew I was in for a difficult match I had seen several decent breaks from him in the records and Ron Bickerdyke told me he was a good player. I played really well I did get a couple of flukes early on which helps and I scored 20 off one really outstanding fluke. After half an hour I had a 90 point lead I got a series of 20-25breaks and managed a 232 - 143 win to get the elusive ABC win.

In the next round I was slaughtered by John Murphy who despite my best efforts score 343 - 143. I felt I played well against him and had a couple of breaks 32 and 39 mainly off the red for some reason. he was really nice afterwards and told me he was really impressed with my progress in the last year.

Wayne Holbrook lost in the main comp but made up for his poor performance by getting to the quarter final of the plate. He would agree that he did not play well over the day but still managed a couple of wins.

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