Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bury League

For some reason I am still playing a little hot and cold. One minute I am playing really well and the next game really poor.

I am still getting reasonable breaks in the the Macclesfield league, but i have struggled in the both the Prestwich and Bury Leagues, Not really sure of the reason but I think its lack of concentration as a lot of the players are only average.

I player Wayne on Monday 500 up at Silktown and managed to get 60 in front before his potting kicked in and he overtook me. We both played average, getting 20's and 30's. Neither of us got to the top or really showed any sign of outstanding play. Just at the end Wayne need about 5 points and I finally managed to get a lovely position at the top and scored a very quick 28 to win. Strange game.

Monday night played in the Bury League, ended up getting drawn for the doubles. Again for 20minutes I hardly had a shot but eventually I got a chance and ran in 17, 22, 18, 21. Which finished off the game and we were easy winners. Just happy to get a win but I am getting used to the table now.

Tuesday off the Heaton Park Social for another match with Steve Cannon. I played on the left table which is a little worn but fast. I had a knock with Steve and made 5 breaks of 25 in 30 minutes. He score 16.
My match was a strange affair I was giving 68 start first to 100, I'm on -48 he was on + 20.
Again for 20 minutes I did not score, neither did he he was completely hopeless and just kept leaving the balls on the rail or in a general mess. Eventually I got a chance and scored lots of 15-20 breaks to win 100-61 he scored 41 and half those were flukes by slamming the balls around the table.

Ah well it's a win although not happy.

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