Monday, 26 April 2010

World Snooker Sheffield

Steve managed to arrange some tickets for Sheffield, I usually drive but we decided to go on the train so I could have yet another drink.

The train was only £ 13.50 from Manchester and bang on time, the Crucible had been done up since last year but it seems to have lost a little of its charm. They have put all the prices up a couple of beers was £ 8. Rather a lot when we usually have about 10 and sometimes watch a bit of the snooker as well. You never see any of the players hanging around now, you always used to see Terry Griffiths or Davis around. We always saw Jimmy white and Taylor knocking around around. it's almost as if they don't want to be seem mixing with the public which is very sad.

Watched Selby V Hendry in the morning, Selby destroyed Hendry just as Hendry used to do to everyone else. He simple never missed. I don't think Hendry was playing poorly he just never got out of his chair. The one chance he got he won the frame in one visit. Selby was showing off at the end a bit disrespectful to a truly great past champion.

A few more beers and we watched Joe Perry V Ali Carter, Joe played really well winning 5 frames in a row and never missing a ball, but eventually his luck ran out and he lost the last 3, a brave effort showed he is a great player.

More beer and watched Ding V Murphy in the evening session. Both players were great Ding got a 137. Murphy went on to win but we missed the last couple of frames as we had to stagger off for the train back. Great day out these players really are great. the standard was really high most frames being won in one visit, we saw several hundred breaks lots of 80-90's, and on the tight tables we had played on at the weekend.

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