Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stalybridge League - Individual Handicap 1/4 Final

Played Phil Vidler in the Stalybridge League, handicapped individuals. He is on +25 I'm on -100 so another big start.

We both played rubbish. My highest break was 13 in 200 points, Phils highest was 7. I don't know what went wrong there I suppose it was just one of those games. I won 100-48 which meant he only scored 23 points but it was total tripe. I ended up playing pot his ball and double baulk about 30 times, there was just no other shots on.

What ever luck there was I got several flukes but got nothing off them. A really strange game best forgotten I think by both of us.

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  1. A wins a win Pete. It can't always be pretty. Well done anyway.