Saturday, 24 April 2010

EBOS Welsh Open

Off to Pontins Prestatyn for the Welsh Open, my friend Steve Cannon was coming along with the girls, they were going to do some shopping whilst we played.

We arrived at 9-30am on the Saturday and booked in we were only staying one night as the venue for once was only 65miles away. The tables looked really nice Star heated with Strachan cloth. Had a few practice shots with Steve and the balls were skidding off the shaved nap, pockets really tight not much room for error touch the sides and the ball bounces out.

Makes you realise how good these pro players are really tough to pot on these. My first game was against Liam Clark, the little git beat me again, but I played fairly well. I scored 185 in the hour Liam scored 218 after grabbing a couple of 20 breaks with a few minutes to go. I was leading for quite a while but he was just that little bit better than me.

Next was David Sneddon rather a tough draw that one. For the first 20 minutes I was actually in from scoring about 70 points Dave seemed to be struggling, then he got a 40, and followed it next visit with 102. A very nice break of all round play, he play the most wonderful drop cannons I have ever seen every one fell perfectly at the top. He also played some really difficult run through losers along the cushion. Awesome. He then proceeded to knock in 30 or 40 every visit scoring 339 to my 121 I was quite lucky to get than many he never looked like missing.

Last but not least one of my favourite players Bem French, since he beat me he is now no longer one of my favourite players. I scored 141 Bem got 297. He is a really interesting player to watch once he gets the red into the middle of the table he is simply deadly he scored 12 hazards off the white and 13 off the red in the game. He also seems to pot quite well considering he is always moaning he can't pot but he managed some really nice long pots. I'm just not going to talk to him Again.!!??

Ah well I expect a good thrashing in this draw but I enjoyed it nice to play some different players.

Steve managed to get thrashed again just like me but he did manage to score 75 points in each game and over 100 in one match so he was quite pleased. Not bad for his 10th game. In the plate I was unlucky drawing Roy Bacon again. I started off quite well getting a 20 and a 38 break and was 89-5 ahead in the 200 up game. Roy came back strongly getting a 30 and a 40 and managed an easy win in the end 200-142 I simple didn't score in the last half of the game.

Steve was playing Ron Agnew on the table next door. Ron played really well getting 20 or 30 every visit, for an old bloke he can really play and when he is on song he is great to watch.

Had a great weekend plenty of drink and food.

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  1. Hey Peter,...
    dón't mix up the Star tables we played on at Prestatyn (no undercut at all and as you said : touch the cush and forget about the pot...!)

    with the ones installed at the Crucible: these are massively(!) undercut as one could judge with many balls seemingly missed, that drop easily even without wobbling.

    hope to see you soon, keep on practicing! best regards CW!