Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Top of the Table

First chance of a practice since my holidays. Went up to the club, as usual no one to play but had two hours of reasonable play. Despite being a little rusty most of my shots were crisp. I resumed my new cue action without problem in fact I don't know how I managed to pot a ball before.

Played a few set pieces and concentrated on playing from the middle to the top of the table and trying to score as many as possible. I seemed to find the floating top the best just holding the white around the black spot and running back up to the middle when out of position.

It's only when you try this you realise how hard it is. Got a couple of 20-30 breaks from this position before either missing or running out of position. The worst thing is once I move the other players ball away from around the black spot I usually cannot bring it back. (Geet or Mike seem to have no trouble at all).

At 9-30pm an old chap came upstairs and asked if I wanted a game of Snooker. I agreed and set up the balls. He wasn't very good, but going from Billiards to Snooker is a little strange. For the first 10 minutes I couldn't pot a ball. He smashed to pack open and left me a long straight red.
I potted it in the bottom and ran in a 54 break. I missed a Red in the Yellow Bag after running out of position. I was delighted with this especially on such a tight table and especially as I had not played much snooker since February.

As usual after a break I could not pot a ball, But won by about 90.

I have just checked my diary's and realised it's two years since i had a 50+ break at Snooker. My god I used to get them in my Sleep. Strange really must be an eye thing, in 2004 I had 4 breaks over 50 in the league and a 65 in the individuals. 2005, None recorded but a few in practice.
2007, 58 in the Chrismas Handicap. 2008, none in the league or practice. 2009, none till yesterday.

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