Friday, 3 July 2009

Practice Again

When for a game with Mark last Night as my final practice before Saturday. Again we had and hour of snooker and an hour of Billiards.

It was very hot and humid in the club. Mark had a 37 and a 52 in the first frame. I got a 33 and went in off the pink in the second. He won 3-1.

I played him the hour at Billiards. I told him we would play as if in a match with no talking just playing. I set off like a train with lots of little 10-20 breaks and played really safe when I missed. I got to 100 and he had only scored 10. The game went messy and I neither of us could score.

I eventually won 200-102. I was a little disappointed but happy to get some practice. The only difference is if I miss on Saturday I may be sat down for a very long time.

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