Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Third Lesson

My next lesson at Johns began as we left off last time with the 360 degree cue. I had managed a practice on the previous evening and felt my cue was following through quite well. The first session was playing 50 up with the cue against myself , this went OK and I only missed the shot a few times which was a big improvement. I was still managing a few decent shots and only missed the power shots.

We tried a few run through shots along the cushion which do seem a lot simpler to play and playing them slowly allowed a greater control over the shot. Still  not quite happy with the follow through but I certainly am now beginning to FEEL the shot, before I was simply hitting the ball now there is a feel to the shot which in turn seems to give more control.

We tried some relaxation techniques using the NLT tapping techniques John had show me before. This certainly help relax and dissipate the negative feelings I had over the cue action changes. It also brought up a section which stuck in my mind. That Snooker and billiards requires a relaxed body but a concentrated mind. This is really true and is something I must master.

We had a game afterwards and I seemed to be playing pretty well, it is hard work but I can certainly feel the benefit of playing a better stoke. I must concentrate on position of body. The pause and gentle acceleration of the cue through the ball also my eye focus position needs a little extra work.

Going to arrange a match this week and and see how I play against someone else.

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