Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Second Cue Action Lesson

Over to Huddersfield again to John Inglebys, felt good tonight but was soon brought crashing down by John. He produced his 360 degree Cue out which has a spring in the but which breaks if the the user pushes down or across the shot.

I have mentioned this on a previous post see 'Gravity Cue' on the internet.

An hour and half half hitting the same shot, time and time again. I did manage to get the grip right but only 50% of the time. The rest you simply miss the ball. I was basically exerting down force on the butt of the cue. But 40 years of Bad practice is hard to correct. I will simply have to practice more and more. It was also clear that my stance was still not right I needed at little more weight on my front arm which released my cue a little.

After 2 hours my follow through was generally quite good and I was putting in 4-5inches, 12-15cm on most shots. John felt this was reasonable  and would help my billiards. It certainly helps on run losers along the cushion they seems so easy as the side really takes.

We also had a session of relaxation tapping and meditation this certainly helped me as I settled down with the cue and got several really good pots down the table.

I am quite pleased with the results so far, its a really scary thing changing your action as you know it ruins your game. But this is a temporary thing and the future goal it to take me to the next level in Billiards. I am hoping to improve my snooker as well. After winning the police billiards tournament last year my new aim is to win the Retired Snooker this year, is very competitive but no pain no gain.

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