Thursday, 12 July 2012

Coaching Session 4

When over to John Inglbys on Wednesday due to work issues. We had a great session I played for half an hour with his 360 cue and managed to play much better. John has me playing myself and if I miscue he deducts ten point. I managed in 30 minutes to score in positive figures of 23 and scratch so that's a pretty big improvement over just a week ago. Just to remind you all the cue has a spring which bends if you fail to cue straight. very weird but it works.

We spend nearly an hour playing thin shots, This was extremely interesting and very difficult to do. I realised I had actually been avoiding certain shots as I felt they were rather difficult hitting them thin (and I mean really thin).

I felt I did ok and after when we played I actually attempted some of these in my match which worked really well.

One interesting shot was placing the red on the blue spot and the white on the yellow spot and going inoff in the diagonal bottom pocket. This has to be wafer thin. I thought it could not be done but it was listed in Riso levis book. I tried this for 10minutes and got close to the pocket but overall was still to thick. Then all of a sudden I hit the shot really thin and the ball when straight in the bottom pocket and the red moved 20 cms.

I still cant believe the shot was on. As good night certainly learn a lot tonight there is so much more to this game than meets the eye. Got some really interesting practice routines to try out.

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