Friday, 6 July 2012

Rochdale League

Went over to the Queensway club in Rochdale as I am thinking of playing in the Rochdale Ormes League next year. They have 7 teams playing on a Wednesday and they needed to register me and give me a handicap for the start of the season. I went over to play Mike off the team and we played off his handicap which is basically 125 Up. I hammered him 4 or 5 times. No Big Breaks but a couple in the 30's and a few high twenty breaks.

There are other players on much lower handicaps so I will have to see how it goes they usually put people in on scratch as a new player I think we agreed I am better than that so -20. I played well my cue action is defiantly better much smoother and more follow through, I still have the habit of reverting to my previous one but only practice will get rid of that.

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