Wednesday, 5 May 2010

4th May Potters Norfolk Police Finals

Well the big day has arrived all the hard work this year is going to be put to the test over the next 3 days. As you will probably recall last year I entered the Billiards in the Police Championship as no one else wanted to play.

I got absolutely thrashed by all these old retired officers who seemed to be able to score at will from any position on the table. So I set my stall out to return this year after spending 12 months playing this mad game to try and get my revenge.

Stockport to Hopton on Sea 224 miles. Five hours due to traffic but the sun was out and I felt good. Potters is lovely On arrival I booked in and met smoe of the regular lads who manage to get here every year. Straight into the Swimming pool and Sauna to recover from the trip.
A nice meal and a few Gin and Tonics in the bar.

Nine oclock of to bed to tired to stay up.

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