Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Jock McGregor - Derby Sunday 9th

Went off to to Derby on Sunday with Steve Cannon to play in Jock Mcgregor handicap at the Beaconsfield Club.

All the usual crew were there Clive and Peter along with most of the players. David Rees was on crutches after a hip replacement. I played Eddie Fielding in the first round and lost but it was a really good match.

I was getting 60 start and managed to get a couple of 30 breaks putting Eddie under pressure, he had had a 37 first visit and right at the end got a 58 and held off my late challenge to win by 8 points. I was disappointed but it was a really great game one of the best I have played in this year.

I watched Steve play, he lost but managed to score over 100 points. Jon Bagley was playing what a nice guy and a really great player he had a fantastic 177 amongst other breaks, his potting is awesome but contrary to reports he plays quite a few inoffs and cannons as well.

I really enjoyed the day met Derek Townend who is a nice chap and is a lodge member. I watched Steve Crosland play, he really is lovely to watch such great all round play, his mate Jim McCann can also play they are very similar in style.

I managed to win a couple of round in the plate and managed another semi final losing to Brian Hoole I just lost my potting for the whole game very poor. I found out Steve had won his first match ever against Colin Lewis and managed a 25 break. Well done mate.

Really enjoy this comp just light fun for the day, Hope your trapped nerve gets better Billy looked like you were suffering.

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