Thursday, 6 May 2010

6th May - Finals Day

Got up at 6am and repeated my day exactly as yesterday, Swim and Sauna followed by Breakfast. Went through my relaxation routine. All set to go I will update the blog later if I can get access to the computer.

I have drawn Jim Malcolm from Strathclyde, he was the only one to beat me yesterday (only by 6 points) so I am out for reversing the result today.

Geoff Mayer lost 2 yesterday but managed to get through on count back Derek was a little unlucky as he was pipped by a handful of points by Gareth Wakeford who had also won 3 games.

Played Jim over 90 minutes and lost by 12 points rather annoyed as I was leading until 3 minutes to play. He knocked in a 38 break from no where to pip me at the end. Rather a sad end losing in the semi final but no disgrace as he has won the title a couple of times. I had a little bit of bad running in the middle of the game which let him catch me up. But I was generally quite pleased. There is always next year I had a few of the players come up to me and congratulate me on how well I had done so my efforts were well received.

Jim went on to beat Gareth Wakeford in the final so at least I got beat by the eventual winner.
Clive Scott and Peter Cooper as usual performed a sterling job in running the comp.

That finishes my year of billiards, I will be updating my blog with one or two last bits and bobs over the next couple of days. After that I am not sure what to do many people have asked me to carry on but it has taken a huge effort to maintain the site and my billiards efforts over the year.

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