Wednesday, 5 May 2010

5th May Day 2 - Round Robin Qualifiers

Got up a 6am for some reason, could not get back to sleep so went for a swim and a sauna, the place was quite busy lots of swimmer I was surprised. Got changed and went for a knock on the tables, no one around at 7-30am quite glad to find a free table as they have all been booked up.

Quick half hours practice played quite well. Did a few run throughs along the rail as per John Inglby instructions. off to breakfast and then coach over to a snooker club in Beccles.
Quite well organised 6 x 1hours matches in a group of 7. The tables were poor but I started off really well I ended up playing my fellow team mate Derek Hey who thrashed me last year. Quite a close game but managed to win in the end had a couple of 20 breaks.

Next played Tony Web from Gloucester, thrashed him getting a 51 and a 34. Played Gareth Wakeford who plays in a few of the ABC's. he played very well getting a few 20's but I played well in the second half winning with a 34 break at the death. He was not happy.

Played Jim Malcolm from Strathclyde next he played well and at the end I scored 37 to be 7 points ahead with a couple of minutes to play. He managed to score a dozen and beat me by 6.

Played Bruce Duncan from Glasgow next I played pretty well as he is a tough player I got 39 and won buy quite a lot.

Last but no least I had to play Geoff Mayer who has won the title for the past 11 years, he already had a 70 break in the last match, so I knew I was up against it. I played really well for the last 20 minutes getting 28, 27 and 39 in three consecutive visits to win by 30 odd.

That put me in the finals with 5 wins from 6 as the number one seed.

(216) 27,28,39 v Geoff Mayer (179)
(226) 21,29 v Derek Hey (187)
(238) 51,34 v Tony Web (147)
(215) 34 v Gareth Wakeford (181)
(175) 37 v Jim Malcolm (182)
(281) 39 v Bruce Duncan (159)

No matter what happens in the morning, I am over the moon with my day I never missed a ball that was on and played the best I have for a long time. I really showed em that I can now play this game. Geoff came up to me after and said he had never seen anyone so improved over a year. If only he knew how much effort time and money I had put in. Well what a way to end the year and maybe I can win the semi and final in the morning.

Revenge really is sweet!

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