Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Birmingham Draw

As expected I have a tough draw at Birmingham. All the groups are very hard.

My group is as follows:
Paul Snowdon - Thrashed me before
Geet Sethi - Past World Champion. What else is there to say?!!
Michael Williams
Mick White - both very active on the ABC Circuit they both win quite a few rounds and the plates.

Still my target is to win a game.(Doubtful) or score 100 points in a game either will please me.

I will have to get a bit of practice in this week ready for the weekend. A period of quiet reflection is needed. I have not seen the last two play but they have racked up a few breaks in the 70-90 mark. Paul has recorded a few 60-70breaks this season but I can't help feeling if he gets going he will really pull out a big break after all he plays with Billy Bousfield.

My main job is to learn from them and rack up another few hours practice.

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