Monday, 29 June 2009

Denis Wood Birmingham

I have entered the Open Comp in memory of Denis Wood at Birmingham. I had not received any information so I contacted Paul Dunning who told me the entry list was on Billiard Junkies Web Site.

I have just had a look at the list and I am more than a little horrified. It's a list of who's who in Billiards and tucked away in there is me!. There are lads here who think a 100 break is normal. I will be the worse player entered but it's a bit of fun I may even learn something.

I was reading an article about Dhruv Sitwala on the Internet this morning where he gives an interview to a local paper ( it's worth reading as it gives me hope he states that it takes 6 years just to become an average player.

One of the problems with Billiards is that you never see the hundreds of players who play the game but are average or below, they just play in the local clubs and leagues and never really do anything to improve their game, They just turn up and play. I tend to only be looking at the good players all the time as it's only the good players that appear in the major tournaments and on video on the Internet. This tends to give my confidence a bit of a bashing when I shouldn't beat myself up these guys have been playing for years at the top level.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Very nice blog :)

    I totally understand your feeling about going to be thrashed in the Denis Wood, because for us Austrians, it's like this all the time when we enter an international tournament :)

    But let me tell you - there is no other place to be if you want to learn. Watching good players alone will give you lots of ideas and inspirations. And maybe you also pick up some coaching by experienced players.

    So, from a beginner's point of view it's a like a win-win situation.
    Either you can get on well and maybe keep up with an opponent, or you can sit back and enjoy the show ... :)

    All the best,

    Redphex (from billiard-junkies)