Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Disley Golf Club, High Lane, Stockport

I had an interesting meeting last night at Disley Golf Club last night with Geoff Yeoman. He is the Captain of the Billiards Team. They play every Thursday 200 up. It is handicapped +/-5 after each win or loss. I had made enquiry's regarding all the local leagues to see if any wanted an extra player for the coming season he is the last to get back to me.

We had arranged to meet and play so he could see me and get an idea of my playing level to formulate a handicap for me and to see if I wanted to play. The table was very nice, an old Ashcroft Table the club got it in 1920. We played 200 up and in the first half I caught him cold I ran in 19,26,24,21. Virtually straight away each time missing a stupid ball to carry the break on. On 26 I missed a simple pot red at top of the table with the white just near the black spot.

He did get going and started to score quite well with 12,17,18 to begin a come back. He was clearly an experience player and was doing everything to stop me scoring. He had good sight of the half ball shot and played mainly cannons where my game is tending to be red ball play in particular middle bag losers.

I eventually won 200-120. I didn't feel that good as I had missed out on a few chances. I found out he had not played for several months. He was quite happy with my game and said they would be happy to have me on the team. I cannot make up my mind which team to play for I think the Macclesfield League will have the higher standard of players but the Stalybridge League will have less travelling and my Friend Mark will play Snooker whilst I do the Billiards.

I will have to think long and hard about this one.

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