Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Summer Break

Not much to report on the Billiards or Snooker front. Season has ended for both games. It's now a waiting game for the new season in September. I have been up to St Peters, Stalybridge a couple of times although there has not been anyone to play.

I was quite glad as I wanted to get used to the table. It is a very old Thurston table it has a date of 1897 on the plate underneath. It is certainly a very strange table I have measured the table, the length is spot on but it is about 1.5inches wider than a modern table. It still plays very well and has a very fast cloth but the pockets are cut in a strange way unlike any other table I have played on.

The cloth is very quick but has quite a decent nap, so that any side on the ball really bites in.

I have knocked the balls about and had several 40 breaks in practice, I will have to wait until september for a match though, My cue is great with the new tip, it's really playing well no miscues and the talisman tip hardly needed bedding in.

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