Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Walter Donaldson Cue

My trusty Walter Donaldson Cue began to split just below the tip. The cue is was made in 1947 and they generally did not fit a ferrule in those days. I took it to the Snooker shop in levenshulme to let them have a look at it.

The only way to stop the split getting any bigger was to take 1/8 inch off the end and have a ferrule fitted. Whilst he was doing this I decided I would try one of the new composite Talisman tips made of 11 layers of pig skin which are supposed to not spread or change the feel of the tip as it wears away. The cue won't suffer much as it is 2 inches longer than my John Parris Cue.

They made a good job of the repair and later that day I took the cue for a test drive. The tip felt very good not spongy at all. After a few hits I realised this tip does not even need playing in, it just needed sanding into a slightly more domed shape.

I practiced some general play with the cue, mainly cannons and some screw losers. I am delighted with the tip, very different feel but nice to play with. I am off to St Peters, Stalybridge tonight hopefully get a few games in.

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