Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I have added a little running total of the distances covered in order to play Billiards. Next year I will be entering 6 ABC competitions run by the EABA. I think they have a couple of other comps I can enter such a the English AM and another Open. Plus the Jock Mcgregor Handicap again.
In addition there are 8 EBOS events to enter. These are all over the place. Scotland, Wales, Jersey etc. (I will fly to a couple of these rather than drive.)

I have slowly begun to realise this is a massive commitment for the next year and is not to be undertaken lightly but it should be entertaining. Anyone thinking of doing this much in one year must be slightly mad but the experience will be superb.

I have allocated £ 500 to pay for the year. Probably not enough but it should cover petrol and entry fees and the odd hotel. Anyone just starting billiards does NOT have to do this. I would suggest joining a local league for a year or two and then entering some of the ABC's.

I am committed to this now, there is no going back to Snooker. It's strange I have gone from being a good all round Snooker player to a cr*p billiards player but I don't seem to mind. It's only 12 months (well more like 14 as I started a couple of months early).

I hope my blog helps anyone out there thinking of taking up this sport. It's great fun. I can't think of any other sport where you can play to a very high standard from 8yrs to 80. In fact I am getting used to being thrashed by kids and pensioners, They seem to take a special delight in beating me. However revenge will be mine one day when I eventually learn how to play this game properly.

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