Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Short Jenny

I have decided to include a few videos of me playing and hopefully getting a selection of the shots from Martins Goodwills Website ( The camera is a small Cannon Digital A85 which does not give a brilliant image but is small enough to sit on the table near the shot. If you want to see great videos of these shots and how to set up the shots please see Martins site mine are just a bit of fun to prove his system works.

I am not trying to compete with Martin's site I just want everyone to see that it is possible to learn these shots from his site and after a bit of practice to actually be able to play these shots in your own game. This is one of the hardest shots to learn not because its a tricky shot but because I learned to play snooker before billiards I was hitting or stunning the shot to get the side on. WRONG!

Instead you simply push the cue ball through at slow speed and let the weight of the cue do the work the cue ball really floats the white into the pocket. I missed the shot first time and managed it the next three.

After a lot of practice I usually get the shot 7/10. I have now played and got the shot in a match several times. It can also be played without side you just have to be very accurate where you place the white ball. The side helps widen the pocket it whips the ball into the pocket.

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