Saturday, 3 November 2012

Season So far

The season seems to be well underway in all the leagues I have played in.

In the Bury league I have played reasonably well despite the poor table. Won 4 lost 2 and had a few mid 20, a couple of 30's and a 47. o thats not to bad. Im striking the Ball very well and as the season progresses I seem to be getting more side on and an a pretty decent follow through.

I certainl;y still grip the cue when trying to pot long straight balls but I can work on that with John Inglby.

In the Oldham League I have played really well Played 4 won 4. Thats off minus 70 handicap. The reason I think I have played well is that I have to play till 150 so I must score 220 to win which give me plenty of time to get a break or two in. I have scored 6 mid 30 breaks, a 41 and a 52 in 4 games so Im please with that start.

In the Huddersfield League I have only played one game as I am a reserve but managed a 51unfinished.

In the Rochdale league I have had a strange start won my first 3 then lost my next 3, they have some very dubious handicaps for players who are capable of knocking in decent breaks by potting. Has a 48 in the knockout and a 41 in the league. Reasonable start but could be better.

The work me and John put in over the summer has certainly paid off, I feel like a different player. I still have the odd bad game but mostly its an upwards curve.

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