Monday, 3 September 2012


Had another session with John before he went away, we practised shot selection and continual nagging to follow through on my shots. It does see to be working The continual repetition is essential to break my bad habits of all these years. I seem to follow through on certain shots more than others which is very frustrating as I know what I want to achieve but seem to fail on lots of shots.

That said when I do get it right it makes a huge difference to the shot, Just lately I have been playing pretty well my potting is back to a decent standard for me and this is showing in an increase in my breaks and average.

I played Alan from the Oldham league last week and managed to get three 50 breaks in 3 hours. This may not seem at lot to some but was pretty impressive for my standard and two of the 50's were back to back. The following week I finally managed to get a game in with Wayne Holbrook we both played absolutely rubbish his highest break was 35 mine about 27 in three hours play. I was really disappointed as I felt really good.

Last Friday I managed another game with Alan Brereton from Oldham, He played very well and have a couple of decent breaks against me, 40 and 48 and I continued to play average until the last game where I managed to hit a 64 which was my only break over 25 in 600points, really strange that but I still felt I was playing well and was just missing shots by a fraction or knocking in my opponents ball by mistake.

Overall I'm pleased I cant wait for the season to start I played well last year so I am hoping to do a lot better this year.

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