Monday, 4 March 2013

End of season

Virtually at the end of the season now and am very pleased with the way things have been going. In the Bury league have had breaks of 53*,47,41,35,34,33,31,30,30. In the Oldham league had breaks of 70,54 and dozens of mid 30's and 40's Huddersfield league only played 3 games and had a 51*, 40,28 So that was ok. In my snooker played well and had a 103 break the first one in 20 years. I have lost a few games but have been hammered on my handicap in every league. Minus 70 in the oldham league - 34 in Bury league and -43 in the Rochdale league. Not played much in the Rochdale league but had a few decent mid 40 breaks in the few I have played, beat Trevor Smith a couple of times, not been selected to play so decided not to bother I didn't like travelling 40miles to be told I was dropped. Managed to qualify for the last 16 in the last EBSS event which was also a first. So the effort at improving my cue action was a great success looks like John Ingleby knows his stuff. My touch on the ball is much better although I do still grip the cue and revert back to my bad habits from time to time. Hopefully I can improve on that this summer if he's free. I think the difference from last year is simply staggering.

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