Saturday, 13 November 2010

Practice Silktown Macclesfield 500 up

Had a knock with Wayne Holbrook last Wednesday we have started playing 500 up to give us both a target.

I started playing some of the best billiards I have managed for a long while, I had 5 breaks in the 30's and a couple of 40's, I never missed a ball, Wayne was also playing proper billiards normally he tends to pot and throw in some billiards. He really played well considering I played well beyond my normal standard.

I won 500-410 but the match was really interesting, Wayne had a lovely break of 21 with some the best long distance cannons I have seen. I threw in a little break of nursery cannons I got about 11-12 nice little touches before reaching the pocket and playing an loser. I also ran a 40 break off the red ball which was nice.

Waynes really going to try and stick with billiards and avoid potting as we both feel this is the way forward. Neither of of missed many pots as we hardly played any difficult ones, things are getting better my luck has ccertainly changed and I am playing with more side and more follow through.

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