Sunday, 21 November 2010


Over to John Inglebys (head EABA Coach). We had a half hour match which I won by 2 points, first time I had got anywhere near John on his own table. Played OK and got my arm going.

Now the coaching bit. John had me hitting a straight ball and gradually positioned my feet so my cue arm was away from my body. Simply doing this was enough to give me an extra 2 inches on my follow through. However it also meant I could not hit a ball. He also had to adjust my head position and back arm position.
I gradually started hitting the ball better and introduced a nice pause in the stroke.

To aid this he has a specially designed cue called a  360 Degree Cue rather interesting as with it I could not even hit a ball. I would cue up the shot swing back and the tip misses the cue. Quite staggering how it works. I would watch the videos for further information see  Gravity cue videos.

After three hours I was gradually getting the shots and feeling quite good with my game. Its going to take many hours to practice to stop playing my old style but I will put the effort in to improve my game long term.
I have work this week so monday is my next practice day.

Simply hitting the balls with that cue was so difficult. I gradually got going with it and could hit the ball failry often towards the end. I would recommend this cue to anyone suffering with cue action problems.


  1. This 360 Degree Cue is something new for me. I want practice it on my Billiards Pool Tables. Its quite stylish too. Please publish some more blogs like this one

  2. Its quite different but interesting post. Keep it up.