Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lots of Changes

Due to working nights I have had to leave the Macclesfield League until February which is a pity as I was quiote enjoying it and playing ok. Had a few decent breaks a couple of high forty breaks and a 50 odd.

I have been getting quite fed up with Billiards lately not because I have lost a lot of games but because I know I am much better than most of the players I am playing. For example the chap I played in the Bury league last weelk could pot a bit but could not play an in off to save his life unless it was hanging over the pocket. I lost by about 10 points after giving him 70 start.

When you play someone who is rubbish you tend to play billiards and generally leave the balls together when you miss a shot. This leaves them an opening which they may score five off. When they only have to score 60 or so to win they can quite often beat you.

If I get a break or something then things are different but they tend to leave the balls very awkward whereas when you play a decent player they nearly always leave the balls in a decent position certainly in mid table at the least.

After much thought I have decided to concentrate on simply getting better. I get regular 20,30 and 40 breaks. Then I also get the odd 50,60 and rarely higher breaks but these tend to be when I play the longer matches.

So I have decided the only thing to do is improve my cue action. Several people have commented that I do not have enough follow through. This is due to several faults developed over the years. These include being half blind, being rather fat and simply not trying to sort out my stance and grip many years before.

For snooekr this has not been a problem I have always been able to pot a decent ball but I am prepared to ruin my current game in order to replace it with something better. Going right back to basics.


  1. No! don't say this! I am new to billiards & so much passionate to it. I don't wanna loose my passion as i love my Billiards Pool Tables & billiards too. Please post something interested about Billiards.

  2. Change is the rule of the world. But passion can't be changed. If you are passionate about anything then you will always be crazy about that. So try to understand and post something which gives positive vibes.