Thursday, 17 September 2009

Practice / Coaching

Following my recent game in the Macclesfield League one of the lads Wayne Holbrook from the opposing team came up to me after the game and said he was impressed with my game and wanted to know how to play billiards properly. I tried to explain that I was only just learning the game but he just did not understand he thought I was a great player.

I told him that I had only started playing the game in March and that there was no alternative but to practice and play the game as often as possible. I stayed behind after the match and gave him a few pointers but he clearly had no idea of the half ball shot.

I told him I really needed to spend two hours with him to show him the half ball and various other shots and cueing but that I wasn't really qualified to do this but I would give him details where he could find the information he needed.

I arranged a game on 16th at my local club. I spent two hours showing him the half ball shot from various places on the table and the basic principles. I showed him the Short Jenny and long Jenny as examples of widening the pocket. We finished off the night with a 200 up game. Which I won 200-106.

He is a very good snooker player frequently getting 70+ breaks in the league his highest last year being 75. He has already had a 50 break at billiards but admits that this was all pots with the odd in-off.

I now realise the progress I have made in this sport. Showing him these shots and how they work I now understand how good I am at this game. I am still rubbish when compared to the ABC and EBOS lads but when compared to your average club player I am brilliant.

Wayne played the long jenny from just below the middle pocket with my spotted white ball. I had shown him the shot and how the side is imparted on the ball. He simply could not get the side on the white and couldn't believe how much side I got on. I then realised how much I had already achieved in changing my cue action, learning the shots, playing with side, half ball and lots of other shots.

It took him 14 attempts to get the shot. I got 9 out of 10. He is going to practice for the next two weeks using Martins Goodwills website for guidance and once he has gone through the syllabus he will try the exam. He also is going to go to one of the ABC comps with me to see what the standard is and to try and pick up a few shots. It just shows there are many capable snooker players who are interested in the game and prepared to give it a go. I think Martins new book will be just the thing for him.

This has really inspired me to carry on with the game. it's very easy to get down in the dumps especially when you play people like Tong Clegg. But I really have realised that I am not hopeless I am well above average.

I sent an email to the new World Champion Pankaj Advani last week congratulating him on taking the title and wishing him well. (I felt a little guilty about this as his address was copied via an ebos email to me) However I hoped he would not mind. To my surprise he sent a nice reply thanking me and remembered me playing Rupesh at Bradford and encouraging me to keep going in the sport. Thanks Pankaj I appreciate your support.

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