Friday, 4 September 2009

Northern Snooker Center

Off to Leeds to see the World Championship. Got to give Martin some support. On arrival met Roger Morgan engrossed in the paper. Watched some of the games it was a little hard to watch as the layout of the tables prevented you seeing them unless you were sat at the table before the match started.

Still I watched Rupesh Shah, he really is a good player, needs a little match experience against the big boys but a threat to anyone.

Tried to watch Bem French play David Causier but couldn't get near looked like Bem was behind but he was still playing the same Long Losers very spectacular. Causier played an all round game but did mix it at the top of the table. A very good match from the distant viewpoint I had.

Martin wasn't playing till three so had some lunch with Roger. Fish and chips were nice. I met all the usual crew and had a long chat with David Causier. He is quite hateful of the organisation of Billiards which he feels has dragged the sport to it's knees. He does not think World Snooker had done anything for the game. He liked the concept of EBOS but did not like EABA policy.

Saw Geet and said hello and met Steve Crosland who I didn't spot as he was ref on one of the tables.

I started to watched Martins Match but I just couldn't stand the tension especially when he was behind by 210 points. I went to watch Rupesh play Ian Williamson. That was a good match. Martin seemed to rally and ran in a large break over 190. I had to leave at 4.30pm. It was a good day and I managed to impress Roger with my knowledge of older computer systems CP/M MP/M and Dos.

Once home I looked up the result on Cue Sports India as the EBOS was not updated. Martin had Won. Bloody hell great result from behind to. I am so pleased for him although it does mean he will meet Mike Russel in the semi rather than the final. But all matches are tough at this level and Martin can Beat anyone on his day.

I did not like the baulk line rule rather silly, the whole point of billiards is break building. I saw 3 break over 90 fail due to the rule. You might as well ask a player to play the next few shots left handed. Simply a stupid rule badly thought out and spoils the fun.

I went off to Disley to play in the Macclesfield League at 7.15pm. The standard was quite good certainly better than Stalybridge. The first game I watched one old chap ran away with it beating our captain Geoff 200-101 and he was getting 45 start. The next game was fairly close both players on +80. We won that game and Ian on our team had a 25 break.

I played next giving 60 start. My handicap is + 40 he was on +100. The table was quick with a good nap the ball drifted on long shots so I adopted a lot of drag which seemed to help. I felt really at home and started with 5 losers off the red in the middle. I pushed the red into baulk and played safe. He was really hopeless and missed I played safe again pushing my ball onto the cushion. He smashed balls around and I got 21 and missed a sitter in the bottom. My goal was to get to the top of the table but I did not really have the chance so I played Red Ball, losers most of the game. I got another 25 break and played safe. He still had not scored a point but he smashed the balls around and potted the red. He then smashed the red off its spot and double kissed the white in the middle. He potted my ball and finished on 8.

I played 5 long losers all around the pink spot and kept really tight position in the middle. I missed again a simple pot in the middle that's was two bad shots. He missed a simple pot and I potted a long straight red and ended up in perfect top position. I knew I was going to score I felt really comfortable and my arm was going well and ran in 39 all around the top before I had to play a cross loser off the black spot which stuck in the jaws. I was a little disappointed but I got the high break of the night and won 200-71. He was the worst player there but I never left him anything at all.

Funny how I am winning all my league matches but can't get a win in EBOS or the ABC's to save my life. I think it's just the players have so much more match experience. They know what to do which helps.

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