Wednesday, 16 September 2009

ABC 1 Leeds

Off to Leeds on a Sunny Sunday Morning first ABC not really in the mood I am in the middle of moving house but did not want to miss the first one especially as it is so close.

Registered and waited for the draw Clive and Peter not there this time but it still went quite smoothly. I drew Tony Clegg in the first round he plays in the Huddersfield League which I have signed up for, so I had a good long chat with him before the match and he was very pleasent and helpful and thought I would enjoy the league.

I played ok but found the table quite difficult it was so fast and the pockets quite tight didnt seem to affect tony much.

Tony Clegg 241 Peter Stanyer 140

I lost by 101 but I was quite happy, I played a steady game and Tony was not at his best he still scored a few 30-40 breaks but I did ok my only break being 30.

I played in the plate and lost by 1 point to Mark Scott. I played crap and was on 11 unfinished when the Bell went with a simple pot in the bottom. Still he also played rubbish what can you do.

I did ref a couple of games which was quite good I did Tony Clegg against Rob Hall, that was a good game and Phil Welham against Jamie Barker. I really enjoyed that on it was good fun both players were just thrashing the ball all over the place great to watch and some good breaks.

I had to leave but Phil won the event getting the high break of 217 and a 97 in the final well done Phil. I enjoyed the day and not to far to travel.

I also met John Ingleby who was helping coach some juniors. He offered me a hours coaching in the afternoon. I played with him for over an hour and he showed me a good 6-8 new shots to practice. He thought my cue action still needed work but was pleased with the progress I had made. I enjoyed the hours and picked up some lovely shots especially some angles from the D to drop onto balls on the cushion. Thanks John it was great.

You know these Billiard People are just so nice everyone is so helpful.

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