Monday, 20 February 2012

Manchester Competition 27th May 2012

This event is Cancelled due to insufficent Numbers

Sorry full refunds on their way

The event will take place at Rileys, Belle Vue, Manchester.

The rules will be as follows:
A fully Open/Random draw out of a hat on the day of the event.
Dress Code - None I am hoping for a round robin format with 45 or 60 minute matches again depending on entry numbers.

The event is not affiliated with any organisation and is therefore Open in every respect. There will be no rankings and all prize money will be paid out in cash on the day of the event. Whatever money we get from the entries will be paid out to the winners/runner up. semis and a high break prize. This is dependant on you entering. A small trophy will presented to the winner of both plate and main tournament. The plate event is sponsored so prize money is £ 50 to the winner £ 25 to the runner up and £ 25 for the high break.

We will have a few refs available on the day and we have one for the final, a sponsor has offered money for a small amount of EASB refs. The final will be done by a well known and reliable international ref.

I am hoping for a good entry field and hope that you will support the event as it is simply just billiards and nothing else. The club is hoping that you will order food and plenty of drinks. As the event is one day only a maximum limit of 32 players will be adopted. (if by some miracle we reach that amount)

To enter simply pay £ 20 by credit/debit card using PayPal by clicking the Icon embedded on this page. If you wish to withdraw from the event you are free to do so up  14 days before the event and I will send a full refund to your nominated card.
paypal account email address
I will accept cheques for those unsure of how to use paypal please send to

Peter Stanyer,87 Apethorne Lane,Gee Cross,Hyde SK14 5DL

Peter Stanyer
Steve Cannon
Chris Achilles
Frank Bradley
Alan Brereton
Roy Bacon
Tony Cooke
Mike Bennett
Steve Bradshaw
Eddie Dugan

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