Monday, 24 October 2011

Australian String

As you may be aware I keep very accurate records of any notable events worthy of a mention.

I entered the warm up event of the World Billiards championship in Leeds and managed to get Mathew Bolton in my group. I played pretty well as expected the standard was just to good for me. But I managed a single win. I might have made it 2 but lost narrowly to Brian Dix after getting a  kick and leaving him an easy 20 points to narrowly beat me.

The most important news of course is that Mathew Bolton failed to beat me at the string. He may have won the match but he enters the String List of shame.

Mathew Bolton
Geet Sethi
Rupesh Shah
Chris Taylor
Rob Hall
Mathew Sutton

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  1. Hi Pete.
    Keep up the good work mate. I'm sure when we start having our practice sessions again we will both improve.
    Let's get blogging again too!